Oviganic expansion and modernization

Our parent company, the Chinese group Yeeper Dairy, will invest 16 million in the expansion of our plant in Monforte. The project is supported by the Xunta de Galicia, and will generate around fifty new jobs.

Visit to Oviganic
The Regional Ministers of Economy and Rural Environment, during a recent visit to the facilities.

We are very excited to announce that, after the last meeting of the Consello da Xunta, it has been agreed to declare the modernization project of our plant in Monforte as a priority business initiative. This means that all the related procedures that fall under the competence of the Xunta will have a preferential character. Consequently, the administrative deadlines will be reduced by half, while all the technical and regulatory requirements will be maintained.

The project will involve the elimination of economic and environmental costs by completing in the same territory the supply lines of raw materials and the elaboration of products, and will imply important energy savings in the production, packaging, transport and commercialization processes.

Xunta de Galicia

Already at the end of 2019, during the visit of the Ministries of Economy and Rural Environment to our facilities, it was announced the interest of Yeeper Dairy in developing a second production line, aimed at the production of products with goat and sheep milk. However, the estimated details regarding investment and job had been kept on the sidelines.

This expansion will allow us to put into operation a new line for the production of powdered milk for high-end baby food, and to install a plant for the production of butter oil from sheep’s, goat’s and cow’s milk. A basic preparation for the production of other food products.

In this way we expand our production possibilities, being able to adapt even more to the particular needs of our customers.

Likewise, the project implies the elimination of both economic and environmental costs, by completing in the same territory the supply lines of raw material and product elaboration, which translates into energy savings in the production, packaging, transport and commercialization processes. Shortly, a step forward in terms of respect for the environment and nature conservation.

In addition, we hope that this expansion will serve as a dynamizing action for sectors in our environment, such as cattle, sheep and goat farms.

We are also excited to expand our workforce, contributing to the economic progress of the region.

The Xunta has already confirmed that, through the ministry of Rural Environment, Oviganic will receive an aid of three million euros, framed within the lines of financing projects of improvement for the transformation and commercialization of the agrarian products.

Oviganic donates health protection equipment to Monforte Hospital

The shipment, received from our Chinese parent company Yeeper Dairy, was delivered today to SERGAS at the Hospital Comarcal of Monforte de Lemos.

OVIGANIC - Yeeper Dairy Donation Covid-19

In total there are 33,000 pairs of gloves, 30,000 masks, 1,100 goggles and 1,000 protective suits. They arrive in Galicia as a personal commitment of the founder Mu Shambo and head of Yeeper Dairy.

The first part of the shipment arrived at our facilities in the industrial park of O Reboredo last Friday, and the second part on Monday. A shipment of four pallets that has already been made available to the health authorities.

In statements to the media, our general manager, Joaquín Garrido, explains, “When the coronavirus crisis broke out in China, Yeeper Dairy also contributed as much as possible with the donation of material such as ambulances. The company is very sensitive to the pandemic and wanted to have sent material to Galicia beforehand, but it was not possible until now“.

For our part, we are trying to continue with our activity as normally as possible, given the circumstances. We have been applying for some time a strict Covid-19 prevention protocol that includes the use of PPE, and disinfection of changing rooms before each use. We also organize a single work shift group, in order to avoid shift crossovers. The same team rotates through the different shifts in order to limit interactions between personnel as much as possible.

Visit of the Regional Ministers of Rural Environment and Industry to the Oviganic plant

The Regional Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry, Mr. Francisco Conde López and the Regional Minister of Rural Environment, Mr. José González Vázquez, visited the Oviganic plant in the Industrial Park El Reboredo, in Monforte de Lemos.

OVIGANIC - Counselors visit

Once at the factory, they had the opportunity to talk with the founder and head of Oviganic’s parent company, Yeeper Dairy, Mr. Mu Shambo. During the visit the ministries chatted cordially with the general manager of Oviganic, Joaquín Garrido.

Meeting with José Tomé Roca, Mayor of Monforte de Lemos and President of the Provincial Council of Lugo

The board of directors of Oviganic Ibérica S.L. met with the mayor of Monforte de Lemos, and also president of the provincial government de Lugo, Mr. José Tomé Roca.

OVIGANIC - Meeting with José Tomé Roca

The meeting, held in the office of the mayor, it was attended by the director of Oviganic, Joaquín Garrido, and Mu Shambo, founder and head of our parent company, Yeeper Dairy.

The meeting dealt with various aspects related to the present and future of the dairy sector, a fundamental piece for the region´s economy.

Meeting between the management of Oviganic Ibérica and the president of the National Federation of Dairy Industries (FeNIL)

Oviganic Ibérica S.L. board of directors had a brief meeting with the president of the National Federation of Dairy Industries (FeNIL), Luis Calabozo.

OVIGANIC - Meeting with Luis Calabozo, FeNIL President

The president of FeNIL had a lively discussion with the president of Oviganic, Joaquín Garrido, and the head of our parent company, Yeeper Dairy, Mr. Mu Shambo. Other managers of our main plant were also present at the meeting.

During the meeting, various aspects of the current situation of the sector were discussed.