Ethics and compliance

The purpose of the OVIGANIC IBERICA Code of Conduct is to establish the general rules and principles of corporate governance and professional conduct that are applicable to all professionals and employees of the Company and that are valid for establishing the guiding parameters of the corporate culture of the same, guiding the relationships between the people who work in it and between them and the rest of its interest groups, such as customers, business partners or suppliers, in such a way that the values ​​that OVIGANIC defends are fulfilled.

To this end, the principles and guidelines are established that must be observed in the development of the Company’s activities and relationships, both internally, with all those employees, directors and administrators, who in the exercise of their functions may use of the name of the Company, as well as externally, in the market and with the rest of its operators.

For its part, the OVIGANIC Crime Prevention Manual specifies the criminal liability regime of legal entities, catalogs the risks arising from its activity that could result in the commission of criminal offenses by the Company, and establishes control measures in order to prevent the commission of crimes that may give rise to criminal liability.

With this set of behavior standards and policies, the aim is to facilitate the development of OVIGANIC’s daily operations in an ethical, serious, professional and honest environment in accordance with the most basic principles of contractual good faith and always in compliance with current legislation.

For all of the above, we inform you of the existence of a complaints channel, whose receiver is the Compliance Officer of OVIGANIC IBERICA, so that any member of the interest groups with which we relate as a company, can communicate, with all the legal guarantees, what they understand may be a breach of our Code of Conduct, as well as current legislation and, where appropriate, the internal regulations developed by the company:

Detailed information on the operation of this reporting channel can be found in the OVIGANIC IBERICA Criminal Compliance Policy.

In conclusion, OVIGANIC IBERICA works constantly, directly and indirectly, for regulatory compliance and ethics, considering intolerable and condemning any illegality or behavior that can be branded as not being socially responsible or unethical.

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